Death at the President’s Lodging

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Michael Innes
17 July 2017
Agora Books

The crime was at once intriguing and bizarre, efficient and theatrical.

The members of St Anthony’s College awake one bleak November morning to find the most chilling of crimes has happened in their quiet, contained college. Josiah Umpleby, President of the college, has been shot in his room during the night.

The college buzzes with supposition and speculation. Orchard Ground and the lodgings are particularly insulated: only a limited number of senior staff have access and even fewer have their own keys.

With the killer walking among them, Inspector John Appleby of the New Scotland Yard is called in to investigate. As tensions rise and accusations abound, can Appleby determine which of the seven suspects had motive and malice enough to murder a colleague in cold blood?

“A new detective classic” – The Observer


Death at the President’s Lodging was originally published in 1936.

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