Death in Desolation

Death in Desolation by George Bellairs
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George Bellairs
21 September 2016
Agora Books

A death in a secretive family, a violent gang, and no witnesses leaves Littlejohn head to head with a formidable matriarch.

When the police are called to a fire in the isolated farm of Great Lands, they discover the dead body of Harry Quill next to his unconscious wife. It appears Mrs. Quill burned stacks of hay to raise the alarm, but she dies in hospital before she can give a statement.

Chief Superintendent Littlejohn and Inspector Cromwell are assigned to the double murder, believing it to be the work of a notorious gang. However, it becomes apparent that the gang in question – the Black Lot – were arrested the night of the Quill’s death.

Could there still be a link between the Black Lot and the Quills? The Quill family is old and widespread and keep their secrets close. The Superintendent is determined to uncover Harry’s killer, but soon finds himself in a battle involving crafty lawyers and reticent family members.

What are the Quills hiding? Why are they so determined to keep Littlejohn in the dark?

Death in Desolation was originally published in 1967.

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