Death Round the Corner

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John Creasey
25 August 2016
Agora Books

In the Spring of 1930 the hotels of London were full to overflowing, peopled by a host of distinguished gentlemen from all corners of the world, with their secretaries, legal advisers, personal servants and, with a few exceptions, their wives.

In preparation for the World Economic Conference, Leopold Gorman, a widely feared and respected financier, chooses five immensely rich and powerful businessmen from all over the world to bring his plan to fruition. He selects these men to use their combined wealth to wreak havoc in the financial world.

Leopold Gorman, however, is a dangerous man. With Gordon Craigie, Chief of British Intelligence service Department Z, standing in his way, he tries to bring them down as well.

As Craigie attempts to undermine Gorman’s plot, Gorman turns his attention to the agents of the Department, deciding which one he will make disappear next. Gordon Craigie’s best agents “disappeared”, but that was the way of things in the Intelligence service.

Can Craigie and his men outwit this master criminal before it’s too late?


Death Round the Corner is the fourth book in the Department Z series, and was originally published in 1935.

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