Dirty Story

Dirty Story
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Eric Ambler
23 February 2017
Agora Books

From Master of Spy Fiction Eric Ambler comes a further account of the life and misadventures of Arthur Simpson, anti-hero from The Light of Day.

Arthur Simpson is middle-aged, stateless and desperately in need of a new passport.

Jumping from one illicit job to another, Arthur soon finds himself in trouble when the whistle’s blown and he needs to lie low for a while. Fleeing to Central Africa to save his skin, Arthur Simpson convinces his new employers that he is an accomplished soldier of fortune. But his shady assignment on the border of a North African country soon turns out to be more than he bargained for when he finds himself up against a multinational corporation willing to do anything for a piece of the land Arthur finds himself on…


‘After half a century, Eric Ambler holds his place in the upper ranks of suspense.’ – Daily Mail

‘Ambler is incapable of writing a dull paragraph.’ – Sunday Times 

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