Eric Ambler Box Set 1

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Eric Ambler
16 August 2015
Agora Books

This box set contains three classic thrillers from Eric Ambler, the Master of Spy Fiction.

The Night-Comers

Steve Fraser is looking forward to his final weekend of a three-year stint on the Southeast Asian island of Sunda when Islamic terrorists attempt to seize control. When the government launches a counter attack, Fraser finds himself caught in the crossfire.

‘A superior Ambler tale of intrigue.’ —San Francisco Chronicle

The Levanter

Syria, 1970. Michael Howell has kept his family’s Middle Eastern business going through a decade of takeovers, war, and revolution, but he’s about to meet his deadliest challenge yet.

Howell is working late with his office manager and mistress, Teresa, when the pair discover men working overtime—producing bombs for the Palestine Action Force. The terrorists are not deterred by their discovery—rather, they force Howell and Teresa to help them carry out their plan.

‘Ambler is, quite simply, the best.’ —The New Yorker

Judgment on Deltchev

Foster is the toast of London’s West End theatres and it’s no surprise when the playwright is hired by an American newspaper to cover the high-profile trial of Yordan Deltchev for treason. But all is not as it seems and he is soon drawn into a bewildering web of plots and counter-plots. Foster knows he is a pawn… but in whose game?

Accused of membership in the sinister Officer Corps Brotherhood and of masterminding an assassination plot, Deltchev’s trial is clearly for show. But when Foster meets Madame Deltchev, the accused’s powerful wife, he become enmeshed in more life-threatening intrigue than he could have imagined.

‘Vintage Ambler . . . readers of intrigue can settle under their reading lamps with a contented sigh.’ —Chicago Tribune

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