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Eric Ambler
16 August 2015
Agora Books

The Care of Time

Robert Halliday receives a bomb threat in the mail. Two days later, he receives the bomb — accompanied by an offer of employment from Karliss Zander, an international fixer. Unless Halliday agrees to help him edit the memoirs of a 19th century Russian terrorist and ghostwrite an exposé of modern terrorist governments, Zander will detonate the bomb. As Halliday discovers that Zander requires more than mere literary assistance, he wonders if it would have been less painful if the bomb had just gone off.

The Care of Time is quintessential Ambler. . . : Ironic, cerebral, smooth as vintage port, he has created an all-too-familiar world of double-cross and blackmail where the heroes are unheroic and the villains almost likable.” —Time

The Schirmer Inheritance

George Cary, former WWII bomber pilot and newly minted lawyer, reviews the files on the Schneider Johnson case, to make sure nothing has been overlooked. What George discovers connects a deserter from Napoleon’s defeated army to a guerrilla fighter in post-war Greece, and leads him into a dangerous situation where his own survival will depend more on what he learned in the army than anything he learned in law school.

“Eric Ambler’s books show an unusual flair for creating alarm, if not despondency, in the gentle reader.”–The New York Times Book Review

Send No More Roses

Criminologist Frits Krom secures an interview with Paul Firm, the director of an ostensibly legitimate international investment firm who is in fact an expert in tax avoidance. It soon becomes evident that the host and his guests are under siege by a third party, one whose motives and violent intentions are unclear. If they are to survive, the criminal and the criminologist will have to work together.

“Cerebral twists and sophisticated wit.”  —Time


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