First Came a Murder

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John Creasey
15 September 2015
Agora Books

Sir Basil Riordan is a mysterious, frightening, and an immensely wealthy man. But is he also a killer? As head of the English Secret Service, Department Z, Gordon Craigie must find out.

It’s not going to be an easy investigation – too many important people are involved. With a member of an exclusive London Club poisoned, Craigie is forced to question whether Riordan or his son, Marcus, could be involved?

The ministrations and ramifications of ‘Z’ Department were innumerable. It was the headquarters of that much-maligned institution, the English Secret Service, and it was said that nothing ever happened of importance in the affairs of any country from Soviet Russia to Timbuctoo which was not eventually reported, coded and filed in Gordon Craigie’s office—or his mind.

Craigie assigns his best agent, Devenish, to find the truth. But what Devenish discovers is no clear-cut case of homicide. It is a mad masquerade of murder, larceny, and deceit of the highest order.

Before long, it looks like he and Craigie are in over their heads…


First Came a Murder is the third book in the Department Z series, and was originally published in 1934.

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