Flowers for the Judge

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Margery Allingham
15 October 2015
Agora Books

Scandal hits the prestigious publishing house of Barnabas when one of the directors is found dead in a locked cellar.

All eyes are on the other partners at the firm – cousins of the dead man with much to gain from his demise – and all rumours hint at a connection to the disappearance of another director decades earlier.

Desperate to salvage their reputation, the cousins turn to Albert Campion – but will his investigations clear the Barnabas family name, or besmirch it forever?


Margery Allingham‘s Flowers for the Judge was first published in 1936.


Reviews for Flowers for the Judge – 

“Ms Allingham has a strong, controlled sense of humour and is never dull” – Times Literary Supplement

“One of her best… vivid and witty” – New York Times

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