Hamlet, Revenge!

Hamlet Revenge
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Michael Innes
17 July 2017
Agora Books

Hamlet, Revenge! is part of Michael Innes’ Inspector Appleby mystery series.

A vast and glittering party, attended by the pinnacles of society, is held at the expansive Seamnum Court. The high-profile guests mill about the sweeping estate. All is pleasant and cordial. Or is it?

As the guests prepare for their amateur production of Hamlet, thinly veiled threats are secretly delivered among attendees. As tensions mount, the Duke of Horton, The Lord Chancellor of England, is killed during his portrayal of Polonius.

With the spectre of war looming, it seems that espionage may be afoot. The Prime Minister dispatches Inspector John Appleby to investigate. But within hours of Appleby’s arrival, he has another body on his hands.

Acting on orders, Appleby attempts to locate a sensitive government document. But as he searches for clues, he finds he may be stuck in a calculated game of personal vengeance. In this closed quarters party, Appleby must unearth the motive to find the killer with a deadly grudge.

Hamlet, Revenge! was originally published in 1937.


‘Confirms the fact that became clear in his first book, that Mr Innes is in a class by himself among detective story writers.’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘If he can keep in future to this level Mr Innes need not fear comparison even with the acknowledged masters of the murder mystery.’ — Douglas West, Daily Mail

‘Mr Innes leaves no domain of human knowledge unillumined by his comments.’ — ER Punshon, Manchester Guardian

‘Minute probing of circumstances and evidence, erudition of background, nice touches of humor and [an] interesting gallery of characters… For the Sayers’ audience.’ — Kirkus

A detection story of a new, astonishing, and delightful kindThe author’s ingenuity and wit are seemingly endless…He has packed into Hamlet, Revenge! enough brilliance to dim the lights of Piccadilly Circus for a fortnight.” — John Brophy, Daily Telegraph

‘Wickedly witty.’ — The Daily Mail

‘As farfetched and literary as Sayers’ — Cambridge Companion on Crime Fiction

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