Holy Disorders

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Edmund Crispin
22 March 2017
Agora Books

Who would kill the man who played the organ in a small-town cathedral? Gervase Fen investigates in this witty mystery from Edmund Crispin…

Holy Disorders takes Oxford don and part time detective Gervase Fen to the town of Tolnbridge, where he is happily bounding around with a butterfly net until the cathedral organist is murdered, giving Fen the chance to play sleuth. The man didn’t have an enemy in the world, and even his music was inoffensive: could he have fallen foul of a nest of German spies or of the local coven of witches, ominously rumored to have been practicing since the 17th century?

Tracking down the answer pleases Fen immensely—only the reader will have a better time.

Erudite, eccentric and entirely delightful: Before Morse, Oxford’s murders were solved by Gervase Fen, the most unpredictable detective in classic crime fiction.

Holy Disorders was first published in 1945.


‘I very much enjoy Edmund Crispin, who’s extremely frivolous, with a marvellous comic sense.’ —P.D. James

Fen at his very best.’ —New York Times Book Review

Holy Disorders uncannily recreates the mood of an antiquarian ghost story.’ —Washington Post

‘A master of the whodunnit… he combines a flawless plot, witty dialogue, and a touch of hilarity.’ —New York Times

‘Beneath a formidable exterior he had unsuspected depths of frivolity.’ —Philip Larkin

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