Kisses and Ha’pennies

Kisses and Ha'pennies
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Beryl Kingston
17 October 2019
Agora Books

As the Great War comes to a close, a new age dawns on London…

Spoiled and stubborn, Anna Pelucci gets everything she wants. Doted on by her Italian father, she has more gowns than she can count and more suitors than she needs – but nothing is ever enough.

Across town in south London, the young Mary Chapman leads a very different sort of life. Struggling through poverty, Mary is eager to make her life rich and full in more meaningful ways.

But as the two girls make their way in the world, they are thrust together by shocking secrets from the past. And as they learn just how devastating life can be, will they turn to each other has friends or rivals?

In this follow-up to her debut novel, Hearts and Farthings, best-selling author Beryl Kingston delivers an enchanting story of first loves and old flames, coming of age, and friendship.


Kisses and Ha’pennies was first published in 1986.

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