Lady Macbeth

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Nicolas Freeling
15 July 2017
Agora Books

Is there any real treachery? – save between man and wife.

A husband and wife drive through the switchback roads of the Vosges Mountains. A husband and wife have an explosive argument. The husband returns home. The wife does not.

Guy and Sibille Lebfebvre share a normal marriage, filled with more happy moments than stormy passages. That is until they have an explosive argument, and Sibille storms out of their car and into the deserted mountain roads.

With Sibille now missing for six months, Arlette Davidson is sure something sinister has transpired. Her family hasn’t heard from her, her bank account hasn’t been touched, and, most troubling, her husband hasn’t bothered to find her. Arlette Davidson decides it’s time to start looking. With the help of Henri Castang, she launches an investigation into Guy Levfebvre.

Guy swears that this is nothing more than a cold war of pride – Sibille too stubborn to come home, he too obstinate to reach out. But Guy’s diary suggests he has something to atone for…

In this dark and winding mystery, can Castang determine who did it? Or is the greater question has it happened at all?


Lady Macbeth is a Henri Castang Mystery, originally published in 1988.

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