Minute for Murder

Minute for Murder
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Nicholas Blake
19 October 2017
Agora Books

Minute for Murder is part of Nicholas Blake’s Nigel Strangeways mystery series.  

Nigel Strangeways is seeing out the end of the Second World War at the Ministry for Morale. Surrounded by stories of victory and success, Nigel is itching to return to his life as a private investigator. But he may need to return to that role sooner than he suspects…

Known as ‘Our Blonde’ to the office, Nita Prince is the femme fatale of the Visual Propaganda Division. Rumoured to be having an affair with the married Director, tensions in the office rise when war hero, former co-worker, and beau of Nita, Charles Kennington returns.

Long missing and presumed dead, Charles’ return sets the office buzzing with gossip and anxious anticipation. But when Nita is poisoned in plain sight at the celebratory gathering, the excitement quickly turns to suspicion: anyone in that room could be Nita’s killer.

With six suspects to choose from, two spurned lovers on the scene, and government secrets at stake, Nigel will need to navigate more than just office politics to solve the case.

Minute for Murder was originally published in 1947.


His best yet. All his characters literally leap to life. Minute for Murder has that fine quality of English prose which distinguishes Mr. Blake’s work from that of any other writer.’ — Spectator

‘This is a character detective story, water-tight as to plot, but otherwise to be ranked as a first-rate novel.’ — Elizabeth Bowen

‘It is a first-class thriller — really first-class — funny into the bargain.’ — John Betjeman

‘His writing is always a pleasure and his new story is notable for some brilliant characterisation and a clever piece of detection.’ — Daily Telegraph

‘This brilliant detective novel.’ — JB Priestley

‘Its combination of excitement and technical mastery makes it his best yet.’ — Time and Tide

‘…The writing is a joy and the detection treatment first-class.’ — Sunday Chronicle

Marvelous.’— Reader Review

‘His plots are ingenious.’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘A master of detective fiction.’ — Daily Telegraph

‘The Nicholas Blake books are something quite by themselves in English detective fiction.’ — Elizabeth Bowen

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