More Work for the Undertaker

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Margery Allingham
15 October 2015
Agora Books

In a masterpiece of storytelling, Margery Allingham sends her elegant and engaging detective Albert Campion into the eccentric Palinode household, where there have been two suspicious deaths.

And if poisoning were not enough, there are also anonymous letters, sudden violence and a vanishing coffin. Meanwhile, the Palinodes go about their nocturnal business and Campion dices with danger in his efforts to find the truth.


Margery Allingham‘s More Work for the Undertaker was originally published in 1948.


Reviews for More Work for the Undertaker

‘More than a little wit, and a great deal of brilliance.’ –Kirkus

“The best of Margery Allingham’s work, like More Work for the Undertaker and The Tiger in the Smoke, well repay reading. And, as I well know, re-reading and re-reading.” – H R F Keating, Mystery Scene

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