Mr Make Believe

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Beezy Marsh
25 April 2017
Agora Books

Mr Make Believe is a laugh out loud romantic comedy that will have you glued to your sofa. Journalist turned author, Beezy Marsh, is perfect for fans of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones, Tracy Bloom and The Bad Mother’s Diary. The battle through love, life and laundry should never be a one woman struggle.

Marnie Martin’s formerly perfect life is not quite going to plan.

Hard-hitting newspaper journalist turned stay-at-home mum and part-time failing food columnist, Marnie is wondering when her life went so wrong.

While her husband Matt’s career takes off, she’s left with the impossible task of pairing socks and locating Lego. His late nights at the office are turning into late nights who knows where else and they haven’t had a proper conversation in weeks, sex in months, or a full night’s sleep in years.

On the brink of losing everything when a fantasy about movie star Maddox Wolfe leads to a missed deadline and a disastrous case of food poisoning, Marnie becomes Mrs Make Believe: anonymous blogger, secret spiller, and voice of imperfect mums everywhere.

However, Marnie Martin could never have imagined that her movie star daydream would walk off the screen and into her reality, turning her already muddled world totally on its head.

Will Marnie find happiness in the arms of the (literal) man of her dreams? Or will she find that true love is just make believe?


Reviews for Mr Make Believe – 

‘Properly funny, deliciously naughty, fabulously fresh and achingly honest… I couldn’t put it down.’ — Alex Brown, bestselling author of The Secret of Orchard Cottage

“A fun read that ‘imperfect mums’ everywhere will adore.” – The Sun

“compulsively readable and entertaining” – Daily Mail

“A funny, sexy, clever book which brilliantly reflects the chaos of motherhood and marriage, and kept me engrossed to the end.” – Alison McGarragh-Murphy, Editor of The Motherload

“Super cute, touching, honest, relatable…” — NetGalley Reviewer

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