Murder Isn’t Easy

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Richard Hull
29 March 2018
Agora Books

Three men, three motives, one murder. Who will come out on top in this classic crime novel from writer Richard Hull?

No one ever said murder was easy

Nicholas Latimer considers himself indispensable to advertising agency NeO-aD – unlike his partners Barraclough and Spencer. Sometimes Nicholas thinks it would be better if he was running it by himself. If only some unfortunate accident would befall his colleagues…

Paul Spencer has just about had it with Latimer’s incompetence and wilful time-wasting. Spencer knows for a fact that he is the cog that keeps NeO-aD rolling and wishes that Barraclough would take a stance and get Latimer out of the way.

And Barraclough? He just wants to do his job without the constant bickering of his two insufferable colleagues.

When a new client (approached by Latimer, he might add) presents an opportunity for the company to hit it big, Latimer contemplates taking matters into his own hands. He hasn’t considered, however, that Spencer and Barraclough might have plans of their own…

Murder Isn’t Easy was first published in 1936.


Excellent as satire on admen generally; sinisterly amusing; clever as to method.’ — ‘The Criminal Record’, The Saturday Review

‘Mr. Hull’s third novel, like his first, is in the very front ranks of mystery stories.’ — Daily Telegraph

‘Murder Isn’t Easy contains plenty of that Hull quality… There’s a narrative stunt involved that should keep you glued to your chair…So you’d better hop right to this one… As full of suspense and what not as one could wish’ — Will Cuppy, NY Herald Tribune

‘Clever at characterization… how delightfully witty Mr. Hull can be, even when he approaches the solemn subject of crime. In this new book he has some roaring satire on the advertising agency business… Mr. Hull is smart, as original as any author I’ve recently run across.’ — Charles Hannon Towne, NY American

‘Required reading.’ — Saturday Review of Literature

‘A model for mystery writers.’ — The New Yorker

‘Utterly original.’ — John Cournos

Well worth reading.’ — Isaac Anderson, New York Times

‘Most assured… splendid writing.’ — New York Sunday News

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