Murder Must Wait

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John Creasey
8 August 2016
Agora Books

Return to Department Z in this classic thriller from John Creasey.

The Ring, a mysterious international organisation, is gaining power at an eerie rate. Believed to be responsible for a number of recent catastrophic global events, it’s planting the seeds of anarchy once again.

Bill Loftus, Gordon Craigie, and the rest of Department Z are determined to stop this sinister organisation. Forced to work in concert with other international organisations, they race to unearth the mystery of The Ring. But will their cooperation be enough? Can Department Z discover the truth behind The Ring before it’s too late?

Murder Must Wait is the 12th book in the Department Z series, and was originally published in 1939.


Phenomenal.’ —Life Magazine

‘Mr. Creasey’s excitements follow fast upon each other.’ —Daily Telegraph

‘Action and pace have always been features of Mr. Creasey’s writing.’ —Scotsman

Racy, amusing, and up to date. Told with speed and ingenuity.’ —Morning Post

‘Mr. Creasey is a high-spirited and rambunctious narrator.’ —John o’ London’s Weekly

‘Creasey realizes that it is the principal business of thrillers to thrill.’ —Church Times

Will be remembered when most mystery stories are forgotten.’ Public Opinion

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