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Beryl Kingston
22 February 2021
Agora Books

Set against the backdrop of the suffragette movement and the First World War, Beryl Kingston’s Octavia is the first book in the thrilling family saga following Octavia’s journey of self-discovery.


‘Women’s suffrage. She called it the greatest cause of our time and I think it is.’

A much-loved only child, great things are expected of Octavia Smith. Surrounded by family friends like George Bernard Shaw and William Morris, young Octavia is determined to meet more than those expectations. While her cousin Emmeline’s ambition is to get married and have children, Octavia’s dream is to change the world.

She finds her cause in the Suffragette movement, but will the arrival of the dashing and charming Tommy Meriton change her course entirely? With the outbreak of war, Octavia is torn by her love for Tommy and her desperate need to make her mark, forcing her to choose where her destiny lies…




‘Beryl Kingston understands how to weave dialogue, character, theme and a thumping love affair into unity.’ The Sunday Times

‘Beryl Kingston is not to be missed. Each one is special.’ Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton

‘Realistic, resolute, and warmhearted’ The Sunday Times

‘As warm and as astute as ever’ Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton

‘Brings a host of lovable people to life’ Mail on Sunday


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