Octavia’s War

Octavia's War
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Beryl Kingston
13 May 2021
Agora Books

Octavia’s War is an emotional and heartfelt saga set against the backdrop of the Blitz and is the second in Beryl Kingston’s Octavia family saga.

Octavia Smith has always been a fearless and independent woman. A Suffragette, a teacher, and a leader, she is now the headmistress of the Roehampton Secondary School helping shape the minds of the future. But as the stirrings of another war begin to rumble throughout Europe, Octavia is left wondering what kind of future there will be.

With rumours of evacuations on the home front and atrocities on the mainland, Octavia cannot stand idly by. Torn between her passion for teaching and her sense of justice, Octavia must decide between maintaining a sense of normalcy or risking everything to rescue those in danger.

From blackouts to bombs, Octavia’s War is filled with the harrowing details of the Second World War and one woman’s fearless mission to make a difference.


‘Beryl Kingston understands how to weave dialogue, character, theme and a thumping love affair into unity.’  The Sunday Times

‘Beryl Kingston is not to be missed. Each one is special.’  Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton

‘Realistic, resolute, and warmhearted’  The Sunday Times

‘As warm and as astute as ever’  Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton

‘Brings a host of lovable people to life’  Mail on Sunday

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