Omens of Death

Omens of Death
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Nicholas Rhea
19 December 2019
Agora Books

A bad omen. A sign of sorrow. One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy…

Detective Inspector Montague Pluke has always been superstitious, so when he sees a lone crow fly over the Crowther’s home, he’s sure death is waiting in the wings.

And it doesn’t take long for Pluke’s premonitions to become a reality: the naked body of a young woman is found in a Druid’s Circle — a place thought by locals to be the site of black magic. Rumours circulate about human sacrifice and dark rituals, but Pluke’s not convinced the murder was committed in the circle.

Trusting his intuition, Pluke returns to the scene of that first omen of death: the house of Cyril and May Crowther. And when two more victims perish in suspicious circumstances, Montague Pluke is ready and waiting to catch the killer…


Omens of Death was first published in 1996.


Praise for Nicholas Rhea – 

‘Splendid reading.’ – Police Journal

‘It’s original, it’s funny – discovering Pluke has been one of life’s little pleasures.’ – Yorkshire Post

‘Detectives, in fiction at least, come in all shapes and sizes, but few make as much impact as Montague Pluke…The strength of the book lies in the characters, especially the eccentric Pluke and his wife, Millicent. But a rich seam of secondary characters wait in the wings. All hold out the promise of a wealth of humour and interest that can be tapped in the future.’ – Yorkshire Post

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