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John Creasey
15 August 2016
Agora Books

The pair of them left 55c, Brook Street, collected their jointly-owned Talbot from its garage, and drove off—albeit unwittingly—into the service of that Department of British Intelligence known as Z.

Desperate to escape the suffocating heat of London, the cousins, Mark and Mike Errol, set out for Richmond for a relaxing boat ride. Little did they know their peaceful afternoon would be violently interrupted by a Department Z mission that will completely change their lives as they knew it.

Quickly recruited into the secret agency, the Errols embark on one of the department’s most treacherous cases. The League of the Hundred-and-One are terrorizing the people of Britain and holding the country ransom. With one hundred and one reasons to panic, can Department Z defeat this elusive league before its nation crumbles?


Panic! is the 13th book in the Department Z series, and was originally published in 1939.

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