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Mavis Cheek
28 February 2017
Agora Books

A bit of a farce, set in an area of London not unlike Bedford Park, Chiswick (where I lived at the time) – and full of little and big scandals.  A woman discovers her husband’s infidelity and thinks she will have a go herself…  Also funny, and banned from the Bedford Park Festival on the basis that ‘nothing like that ever happens here’ – whereupon, the following week, a judge really did run off with the au pair.

Celia, housewife, mother and wonderful cook, is celebrating her fortieth birthday. In her smart London home, her major worries are private schooling and the misplaced zeal of Neighbourhood Watch vigilantes. But the house of cards collapses around her, as friends and a sister turn edgy and fickle, a long-time admirer turns into a crude jester, and Celia spies her husband embracing a ghastly woman in a ‘Come Dancing’ frock.


Praise for Mavis Cheek –

Mavis Cheek has a sharp ear and a wicked eye for the discreet lack of charm of the bourgeoisie.’ – The Times

‘A very funny book – one of those rare books that make you laugh out loud. Imagine the wicked social observation of Jilly Cooper mixed with the needle wit of Fay Weldon and you’ll get the picture.’ – New Woman

‘Cheek is a witty, original writer.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘Mavis Cheek may well be the spokeswoman for a generation.’ – Observer

‘Cheek has an excellent eye for detail.’ – Daily Express

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