Playing FTSE

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Penelope Jacobs
24 November 2016
Agora Books

“Parting with her friend later that evening, Melanie strolled from the Tube station towards her flat and reflected on the recent events that were beginning to create a picture of City life. It was becoming depressingly predictable, all in such a short period of time. First Victoria, now Jenny. Was sex an inevitable part of this career?”

When Melanie Collins joins an investment bank as a young graduate, she quickly discovers that femininity is an invaluable asset. But it must not be abused. She witnesses other women falling victim to office affairs and is determined to be taken seriously.

In an industry where abilities are rewarded handsomely, she rises rapidly through the ranks. But her increased profile attracts the attention of a senior colleague and she is ill-equipped to handle his advances. Balancing a demanding job with a confusing personal life proves difficult and soon their relationship threatens to jeopardise her career. As events move beyond control, her glamorous world becomes tainted by betrayal and bitterness.

Set against London’s financial markets, Playing FTSE explores the dynamic of ambition, friendship and love in the City. A woman can reach the top, but at what price?


Praise for Penelope Jacobs Playing FTSE –

‘Delicious, cheeky look at life in the city’ – The Bookbag

‘Exhilerating’ – The Spectator

‘Intrigues city folk’ – The Daily Mail

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