Rogues’ Holiday

Rogues' Holiday
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Margery Allingham
28 January 2017
Agora Books

The first of The Lost Margery Allinghams is published – Rogues’ Holiday, one of three thrillers first written as serials under the pseudonym Maxwell March.

Inspector David Blest has two choices, jump or die.

Trapped aboard a motor boat with a pistol to his head and the life of his unconscious companion on the line, he’d better make his decision quick.

On the trail of the mysterious death of a gentleman in the Senior Buffs Club, young Inspector Blest is led to a fashionable seaside resort on the English coast, where the locals appear all too happy to help his investigation. Things take a turn when Blest meets Judy Wellington, an apparently sickly young woman desperate to escape her past. But who is Judy Wellington? What exactly is she running from? And how has Blest found himself the murderer’s next target?

Rogues’ Holiday was first published in 1935.


‘Margery Allingham stands out like a shining light. And she has another quality, not usually associated with crime stories, elegance.’ — Agatha Christie

‘Allingham’s characters are three-dimensional flesh and blood, especially her villains.’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘Always of the elect, Margery Allingham now towers above them.’ — Observer

‘My very favourite of the four Queens of crime is Allingham.’ — JK Rowling

‘Margery Allingham deserves to be rediscovered.’ — PD James

‘Spending an evening with Campion is one of life’s pure pleasures.’ — The Sunday Times

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