Rosemary and the Book of the Dead

Rosemary and the Book of the Dead
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Samantha Giles
14 October 2021
Agora Books

Rosemary and the Book of the Dead is the second children’s novel from Emmerdale actor Samantha Giles.

Everything has been back to normal in Rosemary’s world since her witch and wizard houseguests disappeared – her dad’s cloud has gone away, her mum’s been around more, and her little sister, Lois, has been windier than ever.

So when an ancient artefact goes missing from the British Museum and her mum returns from her new soap-opera gig with actual holes in her body, Rosemary knows something bad is happening, and she and the gang are the only ones who can crack this latest mystery.

Travelling through secret underground tunnels across the country, around the Egyptian desert, and into the Great Sphinx of Giza, Rosemary, Adi, and Lois must solve a series of riddles and save the Book of the Dead before the evil Mal Vine beats them to it and her mother disappears entirely forever.

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