Rosemary and the Witches of Pendle Hill

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Samantha Giles
6 August 2020
Agora Books

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Rosemary and the Witches of Pendle Hill is the debut children’s novel from Emmerdale actor Samantha Giles.

My Mum is a witch. I know this to be a fact because: a) She has a broomstick by the front door. b) She does spells sometimes. c) There are 4 other witches who live with us, that only me, Mum and Lois see. We don’t really question their comings and goings. It was just normal to us until THINGS STARTED HAPPENING…

Rosemary’s cosy world is crumbling around her. Her Mum has finally landed an acting job and spends all her time with her slimy co-star; her Dad always seems to have a dark cloud hanging around him; her little sister, Lois, won’t stop farting; and, oh yes, Phyllis, one of the four witches they share their house with, has disappeared through the wall.

Meanwhile a group who call themselves the No-Laws are wreaking havoc across the country, and why does everyone keep whispering about the Pendle Witches of 1612?

With the help of her windy sister and Adi, her maths-genius best friend, Rosemary sets off on a hazardous, magical journey. But can they solve the mystery of Phyllis’ disappearance and stop the No-Laws before Rosemary’s family is fractured for good?


‘Fabulous, fantastical and fizzing with fun . . . great fun for would-be witches of all ages.’ —Milly Johnson, author of The Teashop on the Corner

‘a truly enchanting and charming read, told with a real sprinkle of magic, a great debut.’ —Author Giles Paley-Phillips

‘There’s turns and twists and zany magic aplenty.’ —Reader Review

‘Samantha Giles has written a real winner.’ —Reader Review

‘A great fantasy adventure story with some fantastic characters.’ —Reader Review

Rosemary and the Witches of Pendle Hill is fabulous.’ —Reader Review

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