Sixpenny Stalls

Sixpenny Stalls, The Easter Empire Trilogy
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Beryl Kingston
8 October 2020
Agora Books

‘All the same are the Easters. Renowned for it. Characters to a man are the Easters, Mr Farren, even if they’re women.’

Nan Easter’s reputable newspaper empire has thrived under her watchful eye for years. But now, Nan is ready to pass the company on to her son. But when tragedy befalls the Easter family, Nan must choose another heir to her empire. As fearless and ambitious as Nan herself, granddaughter Caroline is the obvious choice.

But not all of the Easters are as proud of strong, young women as Nan is. And when one embittered cousin plots to ruin Caroline’s success, the future of the Easter Empire is put at stake.


Set against the backdrop of Queen Victoria’s reign and inspired by the formidable female founder of WHSmith, Sixpenny Stalls is the thrilling and heartwarming conclusion to Beryl Kingston’s Easter Empire Trilogy.

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