Slow Poison

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Helen Slavin
6 September 2018
Agora Books

The Witch Ways are back.

The second installment of Helen Slavin’s captivating Witch Ways series is out now.


“You’re the Ways. The Gamekeepers. You must know.”

But the problem is they don’t. After being thrust into a life of magic, Anna, Charlie, and Emz have lost their way. They don’t know where they’re supposed to be, what they’re supposed to be doing, or who they’re supposed to trust. Right now, they’re just trying to get by.

Struggling to accept their powers, the sisters are doing all they can to lead a normal life, but with the anniversary of Halloween looming everyone is on edge.

When a stranger arrives on their doorstep, they know a different magic is in the air. The Ways realise they must embrace their Strengths if they have any hope of doing the job Hettie left behind.

With dark magic crackling through the town and leaking into the lives of people they love, the Ways must find themselves before they lose everything.


Praise for Helen Slavin – 

“The magical life the Way sisters lead is an interesting read.” – Julie, NetGalley Reviewer

“When is the next one and I want to read it!” – Nigel, NetGalley Reviewer

“A born writer… the ultimate needle in a haystack” – Susan Hill, author of The Woman in Black

“A highly original talent” – Beryl Bainbridge

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