Stories of Wartime London: An Agora Books Collection

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25 July 2019
Agora Books

From pen to paper, from script to screen, few moments in history have captivated audiences as much as the Second World War. In this collection, Agora Books takes readers through the ordinary and extraordinary lives affected by the upheaval, trauma, and terror of WWII.

Join four young women in Anne Melville’s Debutante – a sweeping historical saga set at the outbreak of the war in London. It’s 1939 and Ronnie, Peggy, Isabelle, and Anne are about to be thrust into a world of dancing and courting. But as war fast approaches, this Season will be unlike any before…

War in the Strand is esteemed historian Hector Bolitho’s own diary of wartime London. From food rationing and blaring air raid sirens, Bolitho brings the harrowing events to life with precision and charm in this intimate, honest, and heartfelt account of London at the dawn of WWII.

Then escape the hardship of the war with Michael Innes in The Daffodil Affair as he sends his detective, Inspector John Appleby, on a wild ride to the exotic Amazonian jungle in search of a house that has disappeared during the Blitz.

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