The Adventurers

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Jane Aiken Hodge
14 February 2019
Agora Books

‘You may be an adventurer, but you strike me as a gentleman.’

After the French suffer a bloody defeat at the battle of Leipzig, the survivors of Napoleon’s army retreat through Germany. Plundering and pillaging along their way, a group of stragglers attack the Von Hugel estate. Hiding in the hayloft, Sonia von Hugel witnesses the massacre of her family. Apparently the sole survivor at the castle, Sonia is left desperate and alone.

Forced to flee for her safety, Sonia disguises herself in her brother’s clothes and begins a treacherous journey through the mountains. But, lost and weary, Sonia stumbles into an inn and finds her fate intertwined with charming rogue Charles Vincent. With no one left to help her, can Sonia trust this stranger with her life?

As the pair embark upon an adventure to gamble their way through the camp followers of Napoleon’s Russian retreat, they find themselves in increasing danger. But is Sonia as safe with Charles as she thought? Or does he have other more sinister motives?

Filled with action and adventure, suspense and intrigue, this sweeping historical romance set in 1813 whisks readers across 19th century Europe.


The Adventurers was first published in 1965 and was also published as Royal Gamble.

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