The Day of Disaster

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John Creasey
11 October 2016
Agora Books

Return to Department Z in this classic thriller from John Creasey.

A French refugee washes up on the English coast. Feverish, delirious, he babbles incoherently to the men who find him. A single phrase, repeated: ‘Lotfus, spell it backwards.’

The event sparks an explosive reaction at throughout Department Z, where the agents—including Bill Loftus himself—are fighting a desperate battle to uncover a Nazi scheme that threatens the very heart of British Defence.

Soon, the men of Department Z find themselves in the midst of a conspiracy theory, a kidnapping plot, and a dangerous weapon…

The Day of Disaster is the 18th book in the Department Z series, and was originally published in 1942.


Phenomenal.’ —Life Magazine

‘Mr. Creasey’s excitements follow fast upon each other.’ —Daily Telegraph

‘Action and pace have always been features of Mr. Creasey’s writing.’ —Scotsman

Racy, amusing, and up to date. Told with speed and ingenuity.’ —Morning Post

‘Mr. Creasey is a high-spirited and rambunctious narrator.’ —John o’ London’s Weekly

‘Creasey realizes that it is the principal business of thrillers to thrill.’ —Church Times

Will be remembered when most mystery stories are forgotten.’ Public Opinion

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