The Deadly Truth

The Deadly Truth
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Helen McCloy
25 March 2021
Agora Books

The Deadly Truth is the third book in Helen McCloy’s Dr Basil Willing Mysteries.

“Truth is always unpleasant and usually intolerable.”

When psychiatrist Dr Basil Willing rents a cottage on Long Island for a vacation, he falls into the company of his landlady, Claudia Bethune and her friends.

But when Claudia throws a last minute dinner party with a special cocktail, Basil’s relaxing holiday takes a turn. It seems Claudia’s drink du jour has in fact been laced with a new truth serum. And as secrets begin to spill, everyone is on edge.

When morning comes, it seems there are some lasting effects to the night’s imbibing: the hostess herself is found dead at the table.

Now, all thoughts of holiday set aside, Dr Willing finds himself at the heart of the murder case. Will he be able to use his skills to untangle the lies from the truth and bring the killer to justice?


excellent writing an Grade A sleuthing’ — Frank Gruber, Chicago Daily News

three rousing cheers… Handled with a wit and sensitivity which are nothing short of fascinating. Helen McCloy has now written three excellent and highly civilised murder mysteries; this is the best’ — New York Times

‘Another Grade A positively don’t miss here… The book is a whiz.’ — Will Cuppy, Herald Tribune

‘worthy of a second listing’ — Jack Ketch, New York Herald Tribune

a swift, witty story’ — The New Yorker

‘McCloy has always resembled the best writers of the Sayers-Blake-Allingham school’ — New York Times

‘Miss McCloy is definitely the best butter’ — The Spectator

‘the real McCoy when it comes to first rate mysteries’ — The Philadelphia Record

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