The Enemy Within

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John Creasey
16 June 2017
Agora Books

Return to Department Z in this classic thriller from John Creasey.

Britain’s Department Z faces its biggest test when the organisation is threatened by an enemy within its walls.

Charles Corliss, the son of a Department Z agent who died in the line of duty, seems like the perfect recruit for the ultra-secret spy organisation. But when things start going seriously wrong, the department begins to suspect that the charming young man is not as loyal as he first seemed.

Department Z has taken down massive enemy organisations and stopped massive international plots. But now, the agents face sabotage from within…

The Enemy Within is the 25th book in the Department Z series, and was originally published in 1950.


Phenomenal.’ —Life Magazine

‘Mr. Creasey’s excitements follow fast upon each other.’ —Daily Telegraph

‘Action and pace have always been features of Mr. Creasey’s writing.’ —Scotsman

Racy, amusing, and up to date. Told with speed and ingenuity.’ —Morning Post

‘Mr. Creasey is a high-spirited and rambunctious narrator.’ —John o’ London’s Weekly

‘Creasey realizes that it is the principal business of thrillers to thrill.’ —Church Times

Will be remembered when most mystery stories are forgotten.’ Public Opinion

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