The Extra Large Medium

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Helen Slavin
14 May 2016
Agora Books

Annie Conville can see dead people. And for some reason they are all wearing chocolate brown. Since she was a child Annie has been able to see and speak to the dead. But when her husband disappears suddenly he does not come to visit her. So is Evan still alive?

During her long wait to discover what happened to Evan Bees, Annie searches through her mother’s vast collection of lovers for the other missing man in her life, and struggles with the questions her gift asks of her. Who is the mysterious girl who sits by the lake? What happened to the lost woman whose sister has never stopped searching for her? And why are so many of the dead voices called Jim?

Quirky, irreverent, moving and a little bit spooky, The Extra Large Medium will charm you completely – even as it’s raising the hairs on the back of your neck.


Praise for The Extra Large Medium

‘Slavin’s lightheartedly macabre debut calls to mind a warm and fuzzy version of Hilary Mantel’s 2005 novel, Beyond Black”’ – The New York Times

‘Complete with chatty prose, the requisite tea shop, and spooky clues, Slavin’s delightful novel takes the reader happily all the way to the ever after.’ – The Booklist

‘A highly original talent’ – Beryl Bainbridge

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