The Fashion In Shrouds

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Margery Allingham
15 October 2015
Agora Books


There is a skeleton in a dinner jacket. A corpse in a golden aeroplane. When another body turns up Albert Campion worries he may soon be number four…

The deaths have been suspiciously convenient for Georgia Wells, femme fatale, charming actress, and the monstrous leader of a raffish entourage including Campion’s sister Valentine.

Desperate to protect his sister, Campion is drawn into a world of high fashion and low morals. Before long he’s navigating glamour, lies, and blackmail to solve a three year old murder and prevent a fourth.


Reviews for The Fashion In Shrouds – 

Dancers in Mourning and The Fashion in Shrouds were published in 1937 and 1938, and are the best examples of Allingham’s capacity to create the atmosphere, and machinery, and ideology, of enclosed worlds – the stage and the musical in Dancers in Mourning; the world of haute couture in The Fashion in Shrouds.” – A S Byatt, The Telegraph

‘To Albert Campion has fallen the honour of being the first detective to figure in a story which is also a distinguished novel.’ – The Observer


Margery Allingham‘s The Fashion In Shrouds was first published in 1938.

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