The Hardie Inheritance

The Hardie Inheritance
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Margaret Newman
5 December 2019
Agora Books

As the sun rose higher in the sky there was nothing to suggest that 23rd July 1932 was to be anything other than the most ordinary of days.

But, for Grace Hardie, this one day changes everything.

Grace Hardie has been happy in her family home of Greystones. Alongside her mother and brother, she lives a quiet life of sculpting. But her beloved Greystones is beginning to show signs of neglect. Unable to afford the maintenance of the sprawling estate, Grace begins to worry about who will care for her birthright when she’s gone.

That is until one sunny day in July when four uninvited visitors come to call. Will these guests bring trouble and heartache to Greystones or provide the solitary Grace with happiness and love?

Filled with old friends and new faces, The Hardie Inheritance is the final instalment in the Hardie Family Series.


Praise for Anne Melville –

‘Fast and meaty…with pain and grief fairly balances with hope and joy in roughly equal proportions’ – British Book News

‘Exciting, the characters lively and the sense of period meticulous’ – Irish Times

‘This romping historical epic is fluent and entertaining’ – Lancashire Evening Post


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