The Intercom Conspiracy

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Eric Ambler
27 January 2016
Agora Books

Charles Latimer is back.

Thirty years after Eric Ambler introduced the world to unlikely hero, academic and novelist Charles Latimer in The Mask of Dimitrios, Latimer returns in The Intercom Conspiracy.

Now a bestselling author promoting a new book, Latimer steps in to help Theodore Carter, the hapless, hard-drinking editor of international political newspaper Intercom. A small paper suddenly publishing big secrets, Intercom has recently been purchased and the once frivolous publication is causing a stir. Carter suspects something is amiss and sets about investigating his mysterious new bosses and the sources of the suddenly serious secrets he’s publishing.

As Latimer and Carter get closer to the truth, they realise they’re jeopardising more than just their careers.


Reviews for Eric Ambler‘s The Intercom Conspiracy

‘Effortless narrative… informed with a sense of how things actually work. The Intercom Conspiracy might fairly be described as a conscienceless send-up of the whole idea of secret intelligence.’ – The Sunday Times 

‘Much wry humour and a great knowledge of the spy racket. To be read slowly, enjoyably.’ – Evening Standard

‘More than mere amusement. . . . Ambler is not writing about the tug of war between virtue and evil. He is writing about small people struggling for survival in the cracks between the massive organizations that mainly run the world.’ —The Washington Post

‘Absorbing and convincing. . . . Mr. Ambler is near the top of his form.’ —The New York Times

‘Realistic and carefully worked out. Too many modern spy stories read like fantasies. Mr. Ambler is too good and much too clever to fall into this trap.’ – The Observer

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