The Levanter

The Levanter
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Eric Ambler
23 August 2015
Agora Books

From Master of Spy Fiction Eric Ambler comes The Levanter, a Gold Dagger Award-winning story of war and terrorism in the Middle East.

Syria, 1970. Michael Howell has kept his family’s Middle Eastern business going through a decade of takeovers, war, and revolution, but he’s about to meet his deadliest challenge yet.

Howell is working late with his office manager and mistress, Teresa, when the pair discover men working overtime—producing bombs for the Palestine Action Force. The terrorists are not deterred by their discovery—rather, they force Howell and Teresa to help them carry out their plan.


‘A classic.’ – Alan Furst, The Wall Street Journal

‘[A] complex exploration of power, responsibility, and identity in the modern high-tech world. . . . [Ambler’s works are] political novels of a high order.’ – The Washington Post
‘A rarity . . . a thriller which compels belief.’ – The Guardian

‘The best book he has written since the war. . . . It’s got everything the reader can possibly want . . . beautifully done.’ – The Observer

‘Ambler is, quite simply, the best.’ – The New Yorker

‘Although the Old Master of Intrigue had been writing for more than 35 years when [The Levanter was] first published, he most certainly had not lost his touch.’ – The New York Times Book Review

‘The foremost thriller writer of our time.’ – Time 

‘Brilliant. . . . To see [this] ordinary man thrust into an extraordinarily difficult situation and rising to the challenge is one of the most snugly satisfying scenes in fiction.’ – The New York Times

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