The Man of Dangerous Secrets

The Man of Dangerous Secrets
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Margery Allingham
10 August 2017
Agora Books

The second of The Lost Margery Allinghams, The Man of Dangerous Secrets, is one of three thrillers first written as serials under the pseudonym Maxwell March.

He was haunted by the face of a girl, a girl lovely beyond all imagining, with stark terror in her wide grey eyes.

Robin Grey is Scotland Yard’s inside man – handling matters requiring a delicacy, integrity, and secrecy outside the jurisdiction of regular government offices. He is a man of details, of observation, and of intuition.

While lurking about Waterloo station on a mission for the Foreign Office, Grey’s interest is piqued by a suspicious looking character. Tailing him, Grey catches the man shove a fellow passenger onto the train tracks. Rushing to intervene, Robin Grey never stops to think that saving the victim might ensnare him in the same sinister plot.

Heiress Jennifer Fern is cursed: tragic accidents have claimed two past fiancés, and she would have lost a third had it not been for Robin Grey’s heroic actions. Terrorised by the torment that stalks her, Grey is drawn to this young woman and feels honour-bound to help her. Tempting fate, he goes undercover to solve this deadly mystery.

But if loving Miss Jennifer Fern means certain death, can Grey protect her, and his own heart, before history repeats itself?

The Man of Dangerous Secrets was originally published in 1933 as Other Man’s Danger.


‘My very favourite of the four Queens of Crime is Allingham.’ JK Rowling

‘Margery Allingham has precious few peers and no superiors.’ The Sunday Times

‘The best of mystery writers.’ The New Yorker

‘Margery Allingham deserves to be rediscovered.’ PD James

‘The real queen of crime.’ The Guardian

‘As addictive as cocaine.’ Independent

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