The Mind Readers

The Mind Readers
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Margery Allingham
15 October 2015
Agora Books

The Mind Readers is part of Margery Allingham’s Albert Campion mystery series.

The village of Saltey, once the haunt of smugglers, is harbouring a secret. When a transistor thought to be the key to telepathic communication  is found, Albert Campion is called to sort fact from fiction. But the device at the centre of the mystery is in the possession of two schoolboys and whether they stole it or invented it, there are others who will kill to get hold of it.

The ancient hamlet of Saltey, once the haunt of smugglers, now hides a secret rich and mysterious enough to trap all who enter – and someone in town is willing to terrorise, murder and raise the very devil to keep that secret to themselves. Private detective Albert Campion faces as deadly a challenge as any in his career.

The Mind Readers was first published in 1965.


‘My very favourite of the four queens of crime is Allingham.’ JK Rowling

‘The best of mystery writers.’ The New Yorker

‘Margery Allingham stands out like a shining light. And she has another quality, not usually associated with crime stories, elegance.’ Agatha Christie

‘Margery Allingham has precious few peers and no superiors.’ The Sunday Times

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