The Night-Comers

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Eric Ambler
23 August 2015
Agora Books

Steve Fraser has planned the perfect weekend on the Southeast Asian island of Sunda. But Sunda is newly independent, and not entirely stable, and a fundamentalist Islamic group is determined to overthrow the provisional government.

Instead of enjoying a hedonistic weekend with the beautiful Rosalie, Fraser finds himself held hostage with her under the fanatical group’s control.

As the government launches a counterattack, the couple’s survival depends on their ability to dodge bullets, lies and the shifting loyalties of the coup’s lieutenants.


Reviews for Eric Ambler‘s The Night-Comers

“A superior Ambler tale of intrigue.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“As good as Ambler’s very best.” – The Observer

“A sophisticated , assured novel of third world politics where lives, as well as ideas, are armed and ideology creates a dangerous terrain.” -The Times

“All the elements that Ambler has developed to such an art are here.” -Chicago Tribune

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