The Pretenders

The Pretenders
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Agatha Zaza
5 November 2020
Agora Books

In her debut novel, Agatha Zaza crafts a modern domestic tragedy simmering with betrayal and deceit.

‘I’m perfectly happy lying to myself… If it means getting to stay with you.’

Jasper is ready to surprise his brother; Holly is ready to celebrate their engagement.

Anne tags along for fear of missing out, and John might just be going for another drink.

But Edmund and Ovidia had other plans for their Saturday.

Over the course of one day, these couples must own up to the secrets they’ve been hiding from one another and the lies they’ve been telling themselves. And face the devastating consequences.

Three couples. Two exes. One day. One reckoning.


‘A real slow-burning drama in which the most surprising of secrets spill out onto the page.’ —Fiona Mitchell, author of The Swap

‘Reminded me of Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends…I found myself flying through.’ —Joanna, NetGalley Reviewer

Absolutely brilliant from beginning to end.’ —Claire, NetGalley Reviewer

‘That kind of book you don’t want to put down . . . every twist had me shocked.’ —Isabel, NetGalley Reviewer

‘A very powerful and gripping story…Lots of shocking twists and raw emotion.’ —Zoe, NetGalley Reviewer

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