The Schirmer Inheritance

The Schirmer Inheritance
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Eric Ambler
23 August 2015
Agora Books

The Schirmer Inheritance, from the Master of Spy Fiction, Eric Ambler.


It wasn’t anyone’s idea of a glamorous first assignment at a white show law firm.

George Cary, former WWII bomber pilot and newly minted lawyer, was given the ignoble task of going through the tons of files on the Schneider Johnson case, just to make sure nothing had been overlooked. But, as luck would have it, George did discover something among the false claims and dead-end leads that made this into more than just another missing-heir-to-a vast-fortune case. And what he found would connect a deserter from Napoloeon’s defeated army to a guerrilla fighter in post-war Greece, and lead Cary himself into a dangerous situation where his own survival will depend more on what he learned in the army than anything he learned in law school.




“A masterful contribution to the literature of international dirty work.” – The New Yorker

“As ingenious a tale as any Mr. Ambler has told. It is a wonderfully ingenious tale.” – Herald Tribune

“Thriller readers should hail this yarn with joy.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Eric Ambler’s books show an unusual flair for creating alarm, if not despondency, in the gentle reader.” – The New York Times Book Review


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