The Tormentors

The Tormentors by George Bellairs
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George Bellairs
12 May 2017
Agora Books

Tensions run high on the Isle of Man when a man is found violently stabbed and his powerful family accuse a young boy of his murder.

The boy maintains his innocence, but the victim’s influential family are calling for justice. With the police unable to contain the conflict, Littlejohn is called to investigate.

The case leads Littlejohn to the Bishop’s Arms, the island’s most notorious pub, and the dubious characters who frequent it. Will Littlejohn find the clue among these shady figures before a possibly innocent boy is sent to jail?

Will Littlejohn find a clue amongst these shady figures before a potentially innocent boy is sent to jail – or were the fingers pointing in the right direction all along?

The Tormentors was originally published in 1962.

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