The Two Hundred Ghost

The Two Hundred Ghost
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Henrietta Hamilton
19 November 2020
Agora Books

The Two Hundred Ghost is the first in the recently rediscovered Sally and Johnny Heldar bibliophile mystery series.

The antiquarian bookshop at 200 Charing Cross Road is rumoured to have a ghost. Despite the scares and supposed sightings, Sally Merton is happy to go about her job as normal.

Rather than ghosts, her real concern is the ghoulish Mr Butcher. Rude and rough, Butcher has made more enemies than friends while working at the Heldar family’s shop.

But one evening, things become a little too suspicious for Sally’s liking. With no one else in the upstairs rooms, a spectre is spotted — the next morning, Butcher is found dead at his desk.

While Scotland Yard is called in to handle the case, Sally undertakes her own investigation with the help of Johnny Heldar.

Can the pair solve the mystery? Or will the supernatural overcome their sleuthing?

The Two Hundred Ghost was first published in 1956 and is part of Agora Books’ Uncrowned Queens of Crime series.

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