The Undying Tower

The Undying Tower
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Melissa Welliver
9 September 2021
Agora Books

The Undying Tower is the first in the Undying Trilogy.

Set in a future dystopian England, where a small amount of the population – deemed The Undying and banished to the fringes of society – has stopped ageing, The Undying Tower introduces us to Sadie, a sixteen-year-old who suddenly finds herself separated from her ailing father and life as she knows it.

Armed with little help and even less knowledge of what she’s getting herself into, Sadie is thrust into a cold and cryptic ‘correctional facility’ – The Tower – where she’ll have to rethink everything she’s been told about the Undying population in an attempt to save her life, protect a group of unlikely friends, and forge a new future for a society on the brink of catastrophic upheaval.


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