The Whisper in the Gloom

The Whisper in the Gloom
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Nicholas Blake
8 December 2017
Agora Books

The Whisper in the Gloom is part of Nicholas Blake’s Nigel Strangeways mystery series.  

You can’t keep Strangeways out of mischief…

On a fine August day in Kensington Garden, Bert Hale is anxious to test out his toy boat, a police informant is running for his life, and Nigel Strangeways is out for a stroll.

By the Round Pond, blood seeps into the water, a young boy flees with a note, and a private investigator is left bewildered.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard is on high alert. A Soviet delegation is on its way to London and officers are working round the clock to prevent a high-profile assassination. But their staff is running thin as an untimely crime wave washes over London.

As the police attempt to place the incident in the park amidst the rash of crimes, it soon becomes clear that Bert holds the only clue to solving an international conspiracy.

Can Strangeways track down Bert before it’s too late?

The Whisper in the Gloom was first published in 1954.


‘A beautifully written short thriller.’ — Reader Review

‘He is in the front rank of contemporary detective novelists.’ — Spectator

‘Like Dorothy Sayers, he peoples his stage with people who would hold the attention, murder or no murder.’ — The Times

‘A really first-class writer.’ — Manchester Guardian

‘Nothing that Nicholas Blake writes is without distinction.’ — Christopher Pym

‘What a master of the thriller he is.’ — Yorkshire Evening Post

‘His plots are ingenious.’ — Times Literary Supplement

‘A master of detective fiction.’ — Daily Telegraph

‘The Nicholas Blake books are something quite by themselves in English detective fiction.’ — Elizabeth Bowen

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