The Worm of Death

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Nicholas Blake
12 April 2018
Agora Books

So there it is. He intends to kill me. And I must let him kill me.

A thick fog has settled over London as Nigel Strangeways and Clare make their way through Greenwich to dine with Dr. Piers Loudron. Over a bizarre evening, Nigel observes the strange relationships between the Loudron siblings and their father. Dismissive of some and doting on others, it seems that Dr. Loudron plays favourites. And as discussion turns to investigations and criminality, diaries and balance sheets, Nigel feels a little troubled.

Three days later, Nigel learns that Dr. Loudron has gone missing – wearing only his overcoat. Loudron’s children all have varying theories: he was distrait at dinner – no, he was sulking – or was he waiting for something? Addled by the suffocating fog still ensconcing Greenwich, no one can agree. A search ensues for Loudron’s diary – and the secrets it may hold.

But when a mangled body is pulled from the Thames, suspicion turns inward on the family. With the cause of death unable to rule out suicide or murder, more questions arise, more fingers are pointed, and more alibis are discredited. It seems the culprit (if there is one) is flinging suspicions around indiscriminately.

As Nigel becomes more and more embroiled with the family’s affairs, his own life may be at risk. With too many motives and too many clues, will Nigel be able to solve his mystery before it costs him his own life?


The Worm of Death was first published in 1961.

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