There’s Trouble Brewing

Theres Trouble Brewing
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Nicholas Blake
15 May 2017
Agora Books

There’s Trouble Brewing is part of Nicholas Blake’s Nigel Strangeways mystery Series.  


The strangest of murders happen in the quietest of places…

Private detective and poet Nigel Strangeways has been invited to address the Maiden Astbury literary society in the sleepy and serene Dorset town.

But all is not as peaceful as it seems. Local brewer, Eustace Bunnet, is on the war path after his beloved dog is found dead in one of the Bunnett’s Brewery vats. This grisly crime casts an air of suspicion over the whole town, but no culprit is found.

When a body is discovered in the very same vat, gruesomely boiled down to its bones, Nigel Strangeways is called in to capture the killer and solve this very peculiar mystery in a town more perturbing than picturesque.


There’s Trouble Brewing by Nicholas Blake was originally published in 1937.




“A master of detective fiction” – Daily Telegraph

“A fun, engaging, cozy mystery.” – Reader Review


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