Your Easter Weekend Reading

Hi Agora readers! We just wanted to pop in to wish you a very lovely Easter weekend. We hope you take the time off to treat yourselves a little and dive into some new stories.

In lieu of some writing advice or talking crime fiction, I (as in, Peyton, your local Friday blog post writer) thought I’d offer up a little itinerary for what to read, and where to accomplish that reading, this glorious long weekend.


What to read: Breaking Bones by Helen Slavin

Where to read: Alright, it’s your first day out of the office so you’re going to take advantage of freedom on a weekday! Take today to put your sunnies on, head to the closest park (or preferred outdoor leisure area), and spread yourself out on a picnic blanket. Use the inspiration of the great outdoors to propel you into the world of Havoc Wood, via Helen Slavin’s Witch Ways series. Luckily for you, Breaking Bones is a novella, so it’s just short and sweet enough for you to absorb in a sunny afternoon.


What to read: Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Where to read: Absolutely no judgement from us, but maybe by this point you’ve indulged a little. If the Saturday of a long weekend is for anything, it’s for leaving your bed as little as possible. Bridget Jones’s Diary is the perfect book to take to bed (with some pre-Easter Milk Tray for company). Dive into Bridget’s wild, insecure mind cry with her, laugh with her and maybe by the time you’re finished she’ll have inspired you a little to get back out there for third night out. You earned it!  (Full disclaimer, this choice is inspired by my own current reading of Bridget Jones’s Diary. So if anyone wants to start a book club on Saturday, also, let me know!)


What to read: How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

Where to read: You may have survived a Sunday meal with your family (and are probably looking for a post-meal break from them), so just keep the ball rolling and head right into the nearest cosy café (or, at this point, conveniently located locked room) you can find. Time with family can be exhausting, and if you’ve just been drilled by your family about all your life choices and everything disappointing that you’ve ever done, you absolutely need to get your hands on Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail. Then, once you’ve embraced her wisdom on how your biggest failures can lead to your biggest successes, pop her podcast on for more inspiration and laughs (see: Episode 1 with the hilarious Phoebe Waller-Bridge).


What to read: Herbs by Judith Hann

Where to read: By this time you’re maybe feeling a little bored with all this free time you’ve had; but it’s not quite time to head into work, and you certainly don’t want to waste your last day of freedom by doing nothing. Why not dip into one of those cookery books collecting dust on your shelves and do a little culinary experimentation? We’re recommending Herbs because it’s beautiful — which is after all the most important part of a cookbook, right? — and because it’s divided by seasons, so you can flick right to that Spring section and have appropriate choices at your fingertips.


As always, thank you for reading, and be sure to tweet us @AgoraBooksLDN with what you’re planning on reading this Easter weekend!